Sufficiently Advanced Technology

Note: We also offer writing and editing services for other projects, ranging from resumes to books. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about these services.

Keep your readers’ interest and confidence:

Let’s get right to the point: Errors in usage, grammar or spelling can make you look bad. They interrupt the flow of information between writer and reader, and reduce your credibility as well. Flawed text lowers a reader’s confidence — in what he’s reading, in the person who wrote it, and in the content it represents. That lack of confidence can quickly cause the reader to lose interest.

Make it easy for people to recommend you:

If you have great ideas, products or services to offer, you want your visitors to refer people to your site. We’ve seen many sites with worthwhile content that we would have loved to recommend and promote — except that they were so riddled with errors that we really couldn’t. Great ideas, products and services need to be presented well if they are to receive the recognition they deserve.

Whenever someone considers referring people to your site, they are weighing how a favorable review or link will affect THEIR image. “Will this recommendation make me look smart and savvy, or will it make me look like like I can’t tell good writing from bad?” If your site fails the “make me look good” test, you miss out on a lot of referrals that you would otherwise have received.

Convince, entertain and/or sell successfully:

While your site’s content is the first aspect to consider, your presentation has equal influence over the reader’s perceptions of you and of what you are offering. This is equally true whether you are producing a business site, a blog, a how-to book, a novel or a webcomic — in every case, the quality of your writing will play a key role in your success.

In fact, it can be the deciding factor that determines whether a potential customer commits to a purchase, whether a reader has faith in what you say, and, overall, whether anyone enjoys your content enough to return after their first visit.

Why even good writers hire proofreaders and editors:

Fun fact 1: Usage errors look just as bad as misspellings.

Fun fact 2: Spell-checking software can’t spot usage errors.

A spell-checking program will help somewhat, but effective proofreading requires human eyes and specialized knowledge.

How about that friend or relative who has offered to proofread for cheap or for free? (Hey, they majored in English, right?) Sadly, that almost never works. More often than not, writing that has been handled by such well-meaning folks still contains significant errors — and now your friendship may be on the line if someone points them out. You (and your friendship) will be better off if you get a professional editor to review your text.

Even if you are confident about your writing, it’s good to have another professional give it the once-over. (Even English majors make mistakes.) After you’ve read a piece of your own writing once or twice, you begin to see only what you meant to say — not what’s actually written. A good editor can spot mistakes that have become invisible to the writer.

If you’re wondering whether this service is for you, you are welcome to show us your site or another sample of your writing. We’ll look it over for free and tell you if it could benefit from some proofreading and/or editing.

Note: We also offer writing and editing services for other projects, ranging from resumes to books. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about these services.